Hello Dr. Brooks.

I want to compute the contact map for every frame of a dynamics trayectory (or a subset), to obtain:
1) a residue profile with the number of contacts made by each residue
2) the number of NATIVE and NON-NATIVE contacts for each residue
3) the contact matrix for each conformation.

I searched in your MMTSB webpage and I found CONTACT.pl. Nevertheless, it uses a one tipe cutoff to calculate the contacts. I would like to calculate a contact between atoms A and B using an atom-defined cutoff, as Rvdw(A) + Rvdw(B) + r, where r can be a user-defined cutoff. I would like to ask you where can I found the wdwradii for each atom for param22 (and other FF) to make those calculations, and which would be a good method to extract a Human-readable coordinate-pdb-like file from a dcd trayectory to calculate those things.

Or better, if there is a script to do that already.

Best regards


Leonardo Sepulveda DurĂ¡n Universidad de Chile