It should be noted that the file cveloci.F90 will be in the cmake list, as it is compiled regardless; if the CVELOCI keyword is not specified via -a (--add) on the configure command line (or misspelled), the code produced is a stub routine, that just prints the error message. The keywords are embedded in compiler directives, e.g.

#if KEY_CVELOCI==1 /*cvel_main*/
    main code
#else /*  (cvel_main)*/
    CALL WRNDIE(0,'<CVELOCI>','CVELOCI code not compiled')
#endif /* (cvel_main)*/

Note the KEY_ prefix in the directive; the 'main code' is the bulk of the actual subroutine. The cveloci.mod files produced with and without the feature should exist, but they should be different in size and contents.

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