Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I feel the search function is just getting worse and worse with each forum update, and can now be considered inoperative as far as end-users are concerned. To get a relevant results, and end-user presently has to:
  • make sense out of the "advanced search" page since the "quick search" has disappeared
  • change the "Newer than" fields to "9" and "years", which is easily overlooked, irritating for repeated searching, and I vaguely remember someone complaining about it not accepting higher numbers
  • somehow know that any search involving acronyms will fail because the search algorithm rejects words smaller than 4 characters. For a site in a field of science that subsides on 3-letter acronyms, this is ridiculous
  • when searching for a phrase (say, an error message), click on the "Advanced Search Tips" link to learn that the phrase needs to be embedded into quotes. If they don't, the search behaves extremely unintuitive and the user could be excused for thinking their query has not been answered before. To add insult to injury, the aforementioned link is tiny and misleadingly labeled (I wouldn't consider looking up an error message "advanced" usage), so all too easy to miss
All these factors taken together, even I often find myself struggling to get the right results out of it. I know this is all UBB.Threads' fault and not the site admin's, but it's getting detrimental to the discourse. Would it be possible to hack the php code so that the "Search" in the title bar links here instead of to the native search function? Bonus points if the "CHARMM Forums" radio button could somehow be preselected. wink

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