This is an announcement thread. As mentioned just a few posts up, in the Parameter Set Discussion guidelines and in the general CHARMM forum guidelines, Please start a new thread for a new question rather than replying to an old one! I feel like a broken record here; what would it take for people to start following the rules?!

Also, what you're asking is not a parameter set question, but a technical problem with the hosting server. The group that is responsible for this does not follow these forums! So, while an issue like this is obviously very important to me, and I appreciate your feedback, if you use the appropriate support channel next time, your problem will likely be resolved far quicker.

Edit: technical problem is fixed now, and as a bonus, we used the opportunity to raise the weekly limit to 150. No need to reply to this; let's keep this thread clean. wink

Edit 2: since a forum admin seems to have (re)moved the post I replied to (thank you for that), we probably want to do the same thing to this post. I feel neither the increased limit nor the transient issue and its resolution merit a formal announcement.

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