Thank you to Prof. Lennart for your clarification.

For my question below, I'm not sure whether I should post it here or should be in another section.

I just have problem on h-bond analysis when reading more than 1 trajectory. For example, I used charmm 29b2 to simulate the first trajectory and used c32b1 for the other trajectories (because we just have c32b1).

I can not use neither c29b2 nor c32b1 to analyse all trajectories produced by both c29b2 and c32b1.The header produced by c29b2 and c32b1 does not match each other. However, if I use c29b2 to analyse only trajectory produced by c29b2 or vice versa for c32b1, it works well. I'd like to know that are there any possiblities to read trajectories produced by different versions of charmm wihtout any configtion.

Thanks in advance.