Hi again.

I know handling NAMD stuff is not one of the top priorities of CHARMM, but since the io.doc suggests that it should work, I dare to ask.

While I tried to read a binary coordinate file from NAMD (with the original PSF/EXPLOR.PSF created with CHARMM) I get the following weird error:

 CHARMM>    read NAMD FILE "../../run400/memb30.restart.coor"
Reading as namd binary file"../../run400/memb30.restart.coor"                                              
opening file ../../run400/memb30.restart.coor
number of atoms does not match; in psf 68120, in file 68120 ; exiting...

      ***** LEVEL -5 WARNING FROM <MAINIO> *****
      ***** Error reading binary file

68120 Atoms in the PSF looks very equal to 68120 Atoms in the "file". And yes, there are exactly 68120 Atoms in my setup. crazy

It does not make any difference if I read "memb30.coor" or "memb30.restart.coor".

Any suggestions?

Here's my test script:
open read card unit 10 name ../../top_all27_prot_lipid.rtf
read  rtf card unit 10

open read card unit 20 name ../../par_all27_prot_lipid.prm
read para card unit 20

stream ../../toppar_all27_lipid_cholesterol.str

open read card unit 10 name ../../step5_assembly.psf
read psf unit 10 card

!read NAMD FILE "../../run400/memb30.coor"
read NAMD FILE "../../run400/memb30.restart.coor"

coor stat