I may have sown some confusion by reading "cyclohexane" instead of "cyclohexanone". This led to a discussion about the aliphatic parameters that digressed a bit from the original question. Just use CGenFF for the whole cyclohexanone molecule!

Your atom types are correct. Charge optimization is probably not required, just remove a hydrogen from acetone's methyl group and sum its charge into the carbon, then attach more carbons with standard aliphatic charges. You will be missing a CG321 CG205 bond parameter, CG321 CG205 OG2D3, CG321 CG205 CG321 and HGA2 CG321 CG205 angle parameters, and a CG2O5 CG321 CG321 OG2D3 improper, all of which can most probably be copied from acetone's respective CG331-containing parameters. Likewise, CG321 CG321 CG205 can probably be copied from the aldehyde (CG2O4 CG321 CG331). You will also be missing some dihedrals, most of which would best be parameterized by doing PES on longer linear ketones. This is actually on our to-do list, but that list is several pages long, so there's no telling when we actually get to it.