Based on the following from energy.doc--

This command will not work with the selection of images atoms,
or the selection of ST2 waters. All energy terms not listed above will
not be computed. The nonbond list must be generated with the ATOM and VATOM
options. [T.Lazaridis, July 1999: Now INTE can work with the GROUP option]

I had assumed that image atoms would not be included in a double selection such as

inte sele segid L end sele resn TIP3 end

where the 'resn TIP3' selection could imply image waters (it does with some COOR commands). If I change that to

inte sele segid L end sele segid WAT end

which would exclude image waters, the IMNB and IMEL values are the same as those for 'resn TIP3', and they should not be if image atoms were included and excluded as expected from the atom selections.

I do not believe that the image energies reported by INTE are correct or meaningful.