A Postdoctoral position in the research group of Eric May at the University of Connecticut is available (maylab.uconn.edu). The May lab works on biophysical problems using computer simulations. We employ atomistic and coarse-grained models and work on several different systems including membranes, antimicrobial peptides, viruses and protein-ligand complexes. This position is an NIH funded position and the focus of the research will be on viral protein/capsid dynamics using molecular simulation methods.

The applicant should have a PhD in Chemistry, Biophysics or a related field, experience in performing molecular dynamics simulations and experience working on biomolecular systems. Experience using CHARMM or GROMACS, programming experience (especially Python) and experience with enhanced sampling methods are preferred qualifications. 

Interested applicants should contact Prof Eric May at eric.may@uconn.edu, please include a CV and list of references.