Good morning:

There is a parameter, ocut, that works, but is missing from the coor hbond documentation.

For example, the input snippet

coor hbond -
select segid PROT end -
select segid PROT end -
verbose -
cuthb 2.40 cutha 100.0 tcut 0.0 ocut 0.1 -
IUNIT 10 -
ITHI 11 DTH 5.000 THMAX 500.0 -
IRHI 12 DRH 0.100 RHMAX 6.050 -
first @open20 nunits @count begin @begin skip @skip

will yield the following output snippet

Analysis of hydrogen bonds using cutoff distance= 2.40 and angle= 100.00
Total time= 10000.0ps. Resolution= 5.00ps
Occupancy cutoff= 0.10 Lifetime cutoff= 0.0ps

where one can control the occupancy cutoff. It can be useful in eliminating output noise by printing only stronger hydrogen bonds.

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