Hi everyone,

In a few days, I will officially announce the release of CGenFF version 2b5 on this forum. One of the major changes in this new release is that I purged the force field of all unused parameters, by which I mean parameters that were not used in any of our model compounds. However, I cannot rule out that you constructed a toppar stream file with your own model compound based on 2b4 or older, and you suddenly get "missing parameters" if you try to use that stream file with 2b5. If this happens, please report it in this thread so that I can do something about it. The force field is slowly creeping towards the end of its beta phase and your help in this process would be appreciated. smile

For the record: I have been careful when purging parameters so it is possible that no one is affected and that this thread will stays empty forever. But these kind of statements usually turn out to be wishful thinking, so here it goes... grin