These have all been submitted as fixes to c35b3, but would be needed for c35b3, c35b2, and c35b1 releases. For c34 and earlier, additional changes may be needed; some are posted in this forum.

POV output 64-bit color problem

In routine SPOVCLR, ca. line 1590 of povdfn,src, the array MAP needs to be declared INTEGER*4

           !   change to
       INTEGER*4 MAP(0:*)

link failure

The script assumes that the standard X11 libs reside in /usr/lib/X11R6 (or /usr/lib64/X11R6), but these files have been moved to /usr/lib (or /usr/lib64) in newer Linux releases. If the final step fails with missing global references to routines such as XGetVisualInfo and XCreateGC, there may be a simple fix. Edit e.g. build/gnu/Makefile_gnu, and remove the '-L/usr/lib/X11R6' option from the GLIB define near the top of the file. Then simply re-run; if the lib pathname was the only problem, the link step should succeed.

em64t compile problem

A bug in bypasses the X arg processing for em64t, prevents compilation of the needed code. Near line 560,
  else if( $xreq == 1 && ( $chm_host == gnu || $chm_host == osx ) ) then

# change to

  else if( $xreq == 1 && ( $chm_host == gnu || $chm_host == osx || $chm_host == em64t ) ) then

Also, build/UNX/Makefile_em64t must be changed; the line


should be

GLIB = grflib

These changes must be made before creating the build/em64t subdir, so that subdir should be deleted if it already exists.

The link failure problem above may also occur for the em64t machine type.

Rick Venable
computational chemist