Accelrys will conducting CHARMm related customer training workshops in our office in Cambridge, UK June 9-18.

The CHARMm Workshop itself for new or inexperienced users will be held June 14-15. This workshop is almost exclusively command-line usage for CHARMm and is also applicable to the academic version CHARMM.

The remaining workshops use CHARMm either directly or indirectly and may be of some interest to CHARMM users.
June 9-10 Introduction to Life Science Modeling with InsightII
June 11 Modeling of GPCR Proteins with InsightII
June 14-15 CHARMm
June 16-17 Introduction to DS Modeling
June 18 Structure Based Drug Design with DS Modeling 1.2

Registration is made on-line starting at URL

Further information about these workshops (and others) may be found at URL

Thank you,

Jeffrey L. Nauss, Ph.D. San Diego, CA