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#1105 - 03/23/04 11:14 AM very new to CHARMM
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I am new to CHARMM, and i have some questions regarding very basic operations.

1. Can CHARMM read coordinates from PDB files?
2. can anybody send me a script to do the following?
read the file from PDB
create PSF file.
3. Should the residues be listed, even if the coordinates are read from the PDB file?
4. should any lines be removed from the PDB file? or what iam trying to ask is what is the acceptable form of a PDB file?


#1106 - 03/23/04 11:37 AM Re: very new to CHARMM [Re: vani]
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I strongly recommend that you take a look at the script archive to get an idea of essential CHARMM commands and basic I/O. The first script I would look at for your questions is gen-prot.inp. This describes reading in a pdb file and generating a psf in some detail.

Good luck!!
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#1107 - 03/24/04 12:09 PM Re: very new to CHARMM [Re: vani]
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A few websites I looked at when I first got started that explain things in more detail than just staring at the docs and other peoples' scripts:

Good Luck!
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