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Posted By: hlwood Controling White Space - 07/16/04 11:26 PM
Just a reminder to everyone. When posting scripts it is best to use either of the following 2 methods.....

First: Set the "Make post" drop down to "using HTML" and add the <pre> ..... </pre> directives at the top and
bottom of your post.

Second: Set the "Make post" drop down to "using UBBCode" and add the [code] ...... [/code] directives at the
top and bottom of your post.

Also, if you need to post C code for any reason then you must do the includes in the following way....
#include < stdio.h >
Notice the space in between the < and the filename.

Hope this helps,
Posted By: rmv Re: Controling White Space - 10/01/04 04:35 PM
With the software upgrade, I've found that it's now necessary to use two HTML tags to get proper white space behavior, both <pre> and <kbd>. The former allows multiple space chars to be preserved, while the latter is needed to force the use of a fixed size font. Also, the <kbd> tag needs to follow the <pre> tag, as illustrated below:

Some descriptive text, blah, blah, blah
source code or CHARMM input script

Don't forget to select "Using HTML and UBBCode"
Posted By: bogdan Re: Controling White Space - 10/14/04 09:10 PM
If I want to edit a post that was had initially set "using HTML", all the HTML tags appear afterwards
in clear text as if UBB changed the post to "using BBCode"; furthermore when editing I don't have
the choice of changing this setting. The quick-and-dirty solution was to:
1. copy-and-paste to a text editor the text given by UBB including the HTML tags
2. delete the post
3. re-add the post with cut-and-paste from the text editor, then make the changes and submit

That's not quite convenient, isn't it ?
Posted By: hlwood Re: Controling White Space - 03/04/05 07:24 PM
This problem should be fixed now...

We have done some fixing up of the html/ubb tag code in our version. You should not be able to post in html/ubb and edit these posts with having additional spaces inserted or any other weird stuff happening.

Please let me know if you have any other problems with white space issuses...
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