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Posted By: Kenno firewalling issue? - 06/23/14 03:04 PM
Last weekend was the second in a row I couldn't access the forums from home. The weekend before, I assumed the server went down, but since there were no announcements and it happened again, I'm starting to think part of my ISP's address range might accidentally have been blocked by a firewall. Any thoughts?
Posted By: rmv Re: firewalling issue? - 06/23/14 04:12 PM
One of our site security daemons appears to get bad info from somewhere (Apache? UBBS? ??) and blocks addresses, and we've been unable to determine the exact cause or how to unblock a specific address. It happens to me often after I do something on the membership pages (approve, deny).

While I haven't done anything like that lately, this weekend I've been having problems when using the NIH VPN client to access the site. I can load the (cached) front page okay, but attempts to do anything else (view a forum, reload page) leads to a timeout. I was able to resolve this today by clearing cookies and reconnecting (different IP), but that's not something I'd like to be doing routinely.

If your home address is relatively fixed (my home router address doesn't change very often), we can add it to a white list; contact Tim or me by email.
Posted By: Kenno Re: firewalling issue? - 06/23/14 05:13 PM
Thanks for the clarification. For myself, I'll play with it a bit next weekend (maybe reboot my modem) and contact you guys per e-mail if necessary. However, I'm afraid this could potentially be a serious issue for outside users; it's not inconceivable there may be researchers out there who can never access the site and don't even have enough information to contact you guys about it.

I'm not sure if it's related, but the forum forgets my login credentials multiple times per week. Any thoughts on that?
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